Placement of cookies by this website

To improve your experience on our website, both directly and indirectly, our website (just as most others) makes use of so-called cookies. In order to fully comply with legislation around the placement of cookies, we ask for your permission to place certain cookies (opt-in). Below, you will find a summary of all cookies that are used throughout our website:

The following cookies are only placed after your conscent:

  • Cookies for extended functionality
    These cookies enable enhanced functions, such as Google Maps (+ Streetview), YouTube, ShareThis (sharing pages over Social Media) and Twitter feeds.
  • Cookies for statistical purposes / continuous improvement of user experience
    We make use of Google Analytics to keep track of anonimous user statistics. This allows us to measure popularity (and need for improvement) on all our pages. The data collected is used to improve our website and your experience in the near future.

The following cookies are mandatory:

  • Cookies for core functionality
    These cookies include the session cookie, that makes sure our website is secure and forms are handled correctly.