Become IQ cms Partner

No burden, just the benefits

External Partner

Interested in offering IQ cms, but do you lack the technical expertise? Become an External Partner of IQ cms. As an External Partner you can offer your customers websites that run on IQ cms, even when you lack technical expertise. As External Partner you are responsible for the design of the website, we will take care of coding and implementing the website as well as hosting and support services. As External Partner you can enjoy the benefits of offering a reliable and swift cms, while you can focus carefree on the core business of your organisation.   

For more information about becoming an External Partner: please contact us.

Integrated Partner

Are you in need of a reliable and swift cms to offer your customers? Becoming an IQ cms Integrated Partner might be the solution for your organisation. As Integrated Partner you will receive a content management system customised to your company name and logo. An Integrated Partner of IQ cms is responsible for customer acquisition, creating quotations, customer support, charging hosting costs and offering IQ cms workshops. As Integrated Partner you will receive all the benefits of having an own cms, while you do not have deal with the technical development of the content management system.

For more information about becoming an Integrated Partner: please contact us‚Äč.