The highlights of IQ cms

A website running IQ cms gives you an edge over websites running other content management systems.

Works on any device

The shift towards mobile requires your website to function correctly on large and small screens. So should your content management system. With IQ cms, you can now update your website or webshop on the go or from the convenience of your couch, using your tablet or smartphone.

Lightning-fast loading times

Did you know that 25% of your website's visitors leave if it the page has not loaded within 4 seconds? A fast website offers many advantages, such as improved usability and a professional feeling. More importantly, visitors stay longer on your website, boosting your conversion; be it shopping orders or filled-out contact forms.

Not just smart - easy too

No matter how much experience you have using content management systems - you will find your way around IQ cms. The built-in user manual makes sure you quickly familiarise yourself with all functions.

Are you having a hard time? User support by telephone and email is included by default!

Forget about updates due to Cloud-technology

Updates keep your content management system healthy and safe - however, it takes time and money to apply updates on a regular basis. As an IQ cms user, you can be sure to work with the most recent version automatically. Furthermore, the system initiates daily scheduled back-ups to keep your content safe.