Specifications of the smartest content management system

IQ cms features a wide array of possibilities, making website maintenance as simple as can be - without cutting in functionality.

 Basic functionality
  • Dashboard

    The dashboard offers you insight in useful data, such as recently updated pages, disk space usage and the latest IQ cms news.

  • Page tree

    A physical page tree makes sure you and your visitors keep the overview, even when the website becomes fairly complex.

  • Page manager

    Simply and consistently put your texts and images on your website without any previous knowledge of website content management.

  • Media manager

    All the media of your website in one handy place. View your media in tile or list style.

  • Password recovery

    Did you forget or loose your password? You can easily set a new password by following the automated password recovery process.

  • Cloud technology

    Access your website content and media, wherever you are! It is all stored in the Cloud.

  • Responsive Design

    Use IQ cms at work, home or on the go on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Automatic updates

    The built-in Cloud technology makes sure you are always in possession of the latest version of IQ cms, have the latest (security) updates installed and have 24/7 access to the system.

 Word processing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Directly enter all the relevant SEO-tags into the respective page, such as URL, browser title, meta description and keywords.

  • Pubish and depublish

    Edit and compose a page before it is published and accessible for your visitors, or retract a page with outdated information from being published.

  • Drag & drop elements

    Sort elements in their containers by grabbing them with your mouse, and dropping them on their new position.

  • Text styling

    Use common style elements on your texts, such as bold, bullets and hyperlinks, conveniently from within the built-in text editor.

  • Duplicating elements

    Copy an element or a whole page with the convenience of a single touch.

  • Page history

    Easily recover lost content by turning a page to a previous stage with the page history function.

 Images & video
  • Vector graphics

    Utilizing vector graphics (.svg) support, your customers can now fully take advantage of Retina- and other high resolution displays while viewing your website.

  • Automatic cropping and scaling

    Your photos are automatically cropped for optimal viewing on your website, based on the absolute center or a preselected point of interest. Furthermore, images are correctly scaled in width en height for speed and presentation.

  • Point of interest

    By selecting a point of interest on a picture (i.e. someone's face), a picture can be cropped in an intelligent way, always leaving the point of interest visible.

  • Automatic optimization

    IQ cms optimizes your images, keeping them crisp and vibrant while reducing filesize and loading time.

  • Drag & drop uploading

    Quickly add images and other media to the media manager by dragging and dropping them into the upload field.

  • Organizing media

    Organize your media in folders in order to keep the overview, even on the most complex websites.

  • Streaming video*

    Add YouTube-videos or MP4-videos in seconds in order to excite your visitors.

  • Multilanguage*

    Add an infinite number of extra languages to your website.

  • IQ shop*

    Extensive and user-friendly e-commerce module.

  • Custom modules*

    Let us make modules that precisely fit your company or your desired functionality. We guarantee that the module seamlessly blends in with your website - on both an esthetical and technical level.

  • Multiple users

    Your IQ cms installation comes with seperate user accounts and passwords for all your website managers.

  • Simultaneous content management

    Work on the same website at the same time, with as many users as you like.

  • Page locking

    Pages that are in use by a website manager are automatically locked to prevent unwanted behavior or lost changes.

  • Looking in

    Virtually peer over the shoulder of your colleague while he/she commits changes to a page.

  • Page releasing

    Saving and leaving a page automatically clears the page lock for current observers and anyone else looking to edit the page.

  • Time-out

    If you forget to log out, IQ cms will log you out for security reasons following 30 minutes of inactivity.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    By upgrading your IQ cms license to ID cms, you can implement an extra security layer by adding a USB access key or SMS token to the login procedure.

  • Brute-force protection

    Multiple failed login attempts will (temporarily) block the IP address or the used username, rendering brute force attacks harmless.

  • Encription

    All important data is stored in an encrypted manner within the database, making them useless for intruders. Optionally, an SSL-certificate may be added to even encrypt the connection between visitor and IQ cms webserver.

 Customer support
  • Fast reaction times

    The correct operation of our services is our top priority. That's why we usually solve critical issues almost instantly.

  • Support by telephone

    Are you lost? During office hours, we are waiting for your call in order to help you through.

  • Support by email

    Even outside regular office hours, we check our email regularly so we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

  • Powerful servers

    Our cutting edge VPS-systems are managed by us, providing us with the possibility to quickly react to performance issues.

  • Advanced caching

    Complete pages are prerendered and prepared on a virtual shelve, offering visitors a fast experience while minimizing database load.

  • Google PageSpeed optimization

    IQ cms generates pages according to Google PageSpeed guidelines, thereby facilitating optimal loading times and search indexation.

  • Automatic back-ups

    Your website and email is back-upped on a daily basis up to 7 days into the past.

  • Automatic error reporting

    Our built-in error reporting system automatically sends us details on errors of your website, often resulting into us solving the error before you can even pick up the phone.

  • Active monitoring

    Constant server monitoring makes sure that your website will be up and running for as much time as possible.

  • Software policy

    Not only do we regularly update your IQ cms installation. Also, serverside software is kept cutting edge by frequent updates on software such as Apache and PHP.

* Optional modules are available against a premium.