Manage your webshop simple and swiftly with IQ cms

Page manager

With IQ cms you can manage and keep your webshop easily and swiftly. This will ensure you that your webshop is always up-to-date. In the page manager menu, you can view the webshop structure and alter it to your preferences. IQ cms enables you to add and delete product categories, products and product descriptions. Besides, with IQ cms you can customise existing products by including new media, adjusting prices or moving the products in your webshop. The page manager menu also includes a publishing (visible for visitors) and depublishing (not visible for visitors) option, which gives you control over the products currently for sale.

Media manager

The media manager menu enables you to include images and videos for each of the product descriptions in your webshop. In the media manager menu you can organise all your media, upload and download media, determining the point of interest of images and create, adjust or delete folders for all your media files. IQ cms provides support for the most common image, video, document and audio files.

Search engine optimisation

The built-in search engine optimisation function of IQ cms gives you the opportunity to optimise each of your products for the most common search engines. It is possible to include important keywords and descriptions for each product. IQ cms also collects microdata (price, reviews, and images) of the products in your webshop, which will be displayed in search engines. This will enable you to provide (potential) customers with more detailed information about your products during their search.

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